As a heads up, I do not get paid by nor have any advertising agreements with any banks, credit card issuers, travel companies, or rewards/loyalty programs. Likewise, I do not receive any free products or services for review purposes.

I do, however, from time to time receive the same referral bonuses available to all cardholders for the referral links I share on this site, if someone uses the link and is approved for the card.  These referral bonuses are usually capped at 5-10 referrals per year for any card that offers them and are available to all card holders.

My goal is to be transparent so I endeavor to always state if I am getting a referral bonus or not and when I am to be forthright with the amount of the bonus I may earn.

Thanks for reading and if you use any of my personal referral links then thanks for that, too! -andrew-

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