Why We LOVE the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

This is an awesome card that due to 5/24 I can’t get and my wife wasn’t able to get even though we had wanted to add it to our wallet for over 3 years!  FINALLY, in January 2018 she dipped below 5/24 again so she applied for the card and bingo she was approved with a solid spending limit. Our advice is to get it if you can! 

What draws us to the card is the 50,000 point sign-up bonus good for at least $625 in travel, extra 5,000 points for adding an authorized user, 2x points at restaurants, 2x points on travel, low annual fee of $95 that’s waived the first year, and the primary rental car insurance it offers if you pay with the card and decline the rental company’s insurance.

The 50k point bonus Ultimate Rewards points can transfer instantly to Hyatt 1:1 and be redeemed for 2 nights at the exclusive Park Hyatt Maldives where rooms on the 50 villa private island are routinely $1,000 per night. Now THAT’s a great value!

Since getting the card and quickly meeting the $5,000 minimum spend threshold – thanks to a large, reimbursable purchase we had to make – we have been very happy with how quickly the card earns valuable Ultimate Reward points via the 2x points earning at restaurants and on all travel. The travel category is great because it includes all sorts of things like car services, airplane tickets, hotels, and more! We also snagged the 5k points bonus by adding me as an authorized user on her account. Ultimate Rewards are great because they can easily and instantly transfer to a lot of hotel and airline travel partners such as Hyatt hotels, United Airlines, Singapore Air, and Korean Air where we can and do receive outsized value for our points.

Heads up on the authorized user bonus: only add people you are authorized to add and with their permission/knowledge. I recommend not adding anyone near or below 5/24 as they’d be better off getting their own Chase cards BUT if one spouse is above 5/24 and the other is below then the spouse above 5/24 could be added as an authorized user earning another 5k bonus points. Also, you can add your kids as authorized users once they turn 13 and help build their credit in the process: you don’t even have to have them use the card! (After that first purchase to trigger the sign-on bonus, of course!)

If you are a personal friend new to the credit card and travel rewards thing then this is the very first card I recommend you get.

If you are a personal friend not new to rewards cards and travel rewards and are below 5/24 then this is the next card I recommend you get.

If you choose to apply for this card then we’d be super appreciative if you used our direct link to the offer. In the interest of full disclosure, like all current card holders, we’re eligible to earn 10,000 points for each (up to 5) of our referrals that get approved after using our link. Like I said, we’d certainly be appreciative if you click through using our link for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card with a 50,000 point sign-up bonus and waived annual feee the first year.

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