About / Why the Blog

About / Why the Blog:

In short: I want to help others maximize rewards programs by sharing how I maximize rewards programs.

I have been enjoying the benefits of travel loyalty rewards programs since before 2003 but that just meant having a single airline credit card, which I used for all purchases, and earning loyalty points/miles for flights and hotel stays. I was saving all my points/miles for a mega around-the-world trip but then in spring 2014 American Airlines eliminated their incredible around-the-world redemption “Explorer Award” overnight (without advance notice) and that same year I had to pay cash (ok charge a rewards credit card) for round trip flights from DFW to PER (Perth) to visit friends because I couldn’t find award availability despite starting the search 6-11 months in advance and having hundreds of thousands of AAdvantage miles. This double-whammy let-down somehow opened my eyes to the value of both transferrable credit card rewards points and diversifying my loyalty program memberships. In addition I began learning the myriad of redemption possibilities that can maximize rewards points’ value to achieve desired travel while also opening my eyes to the plethora of ways I could be earning more points/miles and gain additional flexibility in the process.

I only began supercharging my use of loyalty programs and rewards benefits in 2014. Since then I have managed to get multiple hundreds of thousands of rewards points/miles and been lucky to use them to take several “trips of a lifetime” each of the subsequent years. Now I want to help everyone, especially my friends and family, maximize rewards programs to get more bang for the buck they’re already spending. This desire has become manifest in this blog/website as I routinely found myself wanting to share deals and insights with my friends in as unobtrusive a way as possible while also being able to outline and detail the pros and cons of each deal. I decided that perhaps that could best be accomplished by sending them a link to a page where I explained the deal so that they can then choose to ignore the link/page or read it for further details.

So here I am and somehow, for some reason, here you are. I presume it’s the allure of a deal combined with the allure of travel and adventure.

As a heads up, I do not get paid by nor have any advertising agreements with any banks, credit card issuers, travel companies, or rewards/loyalty programs. Likewise, I do not receive any free products or services for review purposes. I do, however, from time to time receive the same referral bonuses available to all cardholders for the referral links I share on this site, if someone uses the link and is approved for the card.  These referral bonuses are usually capped at 5-10 referrals per year for any card that offers them and are available to all card holders.