For Starters: An Important Note Before You Proceed

It is absolutely essential to only engage in the practice of collecting credit card rewards and points if you responsibly and diligently pay off the full balance of all your credit cards every month.

It helps if you are disciplined enough to keep up with a system of organization to keep track of your various accounts and payment dates. (I use an excel spreadsheet.) If you carry a balance on credit cards then travel and rewards cards are absolutely, positively NOT for you as their higher interest rates will certainly do more damage than the benefit of earning rewards points.  The higher interest rates on rewards credit cards will negate any benefit received from the rewards points, miles, & cash back earned.  If you carry balances in your credit cards the BEST thing you can do is consolidate all your credit on a card with as low of an interest rate as you can get, work on paying off all your credit card debt, and work on getting to a place where you can pay off your full card balance every month.

All that being said; if you don’t have any credit card debt, are organized, and disciplined enough to pay off all your credit card bills in full every month without increasing your monthly spending from your current rate then I am confident I can help you maximize return on your existing spend and rewards programs. This increased maximization will provide you with either more opportunities for travel or more enjoyable travel.