ONE important thing to do IF you were caught up in the ATL power outage

If you had a flight cancelled or delayed as a result of the Atlanta airport power outage then remember to do this super important thing: save all the receipts for meals, lodging, transportation, and needed incidentals as a result of any delayed or cancelled flights.

I don’t exactly have time to make a full post right now but in case any of my friends, family, or few (¿any?) followers-not-in-either-of-those-groups was caught up in the ripple effect from the shut-down of the world’s busiest airport I want to get the word out there to save receipts spent on things like meals, snacks, toiletries, lodging, etc.

While it is not a sure thing, many travel credit cards offer trip delay and cancellation insurance for reasonable expenses incurred as a result of a common carrier (read “airline”) cancelling your flight or delaying it beyond a certain threshold (4-6 hours I believe, off-hand, depending on the card.coverage.)  Of course, this usually only applies if you paid for all or part of your trip with the card with the protection.  Obviously, the exact terms and coverage (items as well as amounts) will vary from card to card and the eligible amount of reimbursement may range from $100 on up to $600 but they all require you to have the actual store receipts from your purchases.  SO, save your receipts.  You can determine if you have a card with this benefit as well as examine your coverage, options, and claims process later but if you don’t save those receipts then it’s a moot point.

Cards that should have this benefit and provide some form of coverage (from my memory) include the following:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred & Reserve
  • Chase Ritz Carlton
  • Amex Platinum (basically any of their platinum cards, including the Mercedes Benz card)
  • Citi Prestige
  • Chase Hyatt (I think)
  • Discover (recently announced they were terminating this but I think that wasn’t until start of 2018)
  • and a number of others

Like I said, I hope to have a more detailed post up before too long, which will have a more complete list of cards with this benefit and a more detailed description of the coverages, limits, and process.  For now, though, if your travel (or luggage) is delayed and you incur reasonable expenses as a result then save your receipts and follow-up to see if you’re covered as a perk of one of your travel cards.

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